One stop shop for the Craft beer experience of a lifetime.

Craft Beer Store

Craft Beer Store | Ice Cold Beer Here LLC - Milford, PA

What makes Ice Cold Beer Here LLC the favorite craft beer store in Milford, PA? Many things! Not only do we provide the largest variety of craft beer...

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Specialty Food Sauces

Specialty Food Sauces | Ice Cold Beer Here LLC - Milford, PA

One of the best things about craft beer is that it matches so well with a variety of foods and flavors. There is something incredibly satisfying about...

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Tasting Room

Tasting Room | Ice Cold Beer Here LLC - Milford, PA,PA

Whether you are a veteran craft beer lover or a newbie to the world of full-flavored beers, walking into a store with more than 900 varieties of beer is...

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Welcome To Ice Cold Beer Here LLC

If you are a fan of delicious craft beer, then Ice Cold Beer Here LLC in Milford, PA is the perfect place for you. We are your “one stop shop for the craft beer experience of a lifetime!” Because we provide the largest variety of craft beers in the area, anyone from the casual drinker to the true connoisseur will be in heaven on earth when stepping through our doors.

At Ice Cold Beer Here LLC, we have over 900 varieties of beer from which to choose, including more than 120 craft varieties as well as domestic and imported options. That means you will find all of your old favorites and plenty of delicious new options to try. We even give you the chance to make your own six-pack! Our goal is to help you sample as many varieties of delicious, quality beer as possible.

Take our beers to-go with you, or sit down and enjoy a brew or two in our licensed restaurant/café. We provide samples of new beer varieties accompanied by a selection of delicious sandwiches. In addition to beer and eats, we also sell novelty items such as exotic hot sauces and food sauces, and beer snacks.

We are located within a supermarket, so this is the perfect way to begin your errands on a lazy afternoon, or the ideal stop before entertaining friends to really ‘wow’ them with your sophisticated pallet and excellent taste!

At Ice Cold Beer Here LLC, we are serious about our craft beer, and we want to share our passion with you. On the second Saturday of each month, we feature a new brewery tasting, complete with complementary food and beverages. Come on down to join us, or give us a call to learn more about what’s ‘on tap’ for this month!

Whether you have been searching for the perfect local craft beer spot for years, or you are curious to try a new type of beverage experience, your top choice in Milford, PA is Ice Cold Beer Here LLC! Stop in, or give us a call today to learn more!

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